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SVI: Banff is an immersive experience that is intentionally designed to foster growth. Through gathering at the Banff Centre, Social Venture leaders are enabled to step away from the day-to-day of their business and focus on fine tuning business strategies, learning best practices, solving problems and building lasting relationships. At the end of just three days, participants will step back into their lives feeling rejuvenated, with a renewed sense of purpose and armed with a network of supportive peers.

Who Should Apply?

SVI: Banff is created with the intent of supporting founders, CEOs, and leaders of social purpose ventures. Occasionally, we may also invite leaders of ecosystem and enabling organizations, artists, or those with other expertise that crosses over into the social venture space. Attendees should come with a commitment to social justice, and an openness to sharing and learning alongside others.

What is the Application Process?

Ready for the journey? Simply click the red Apply Now button and fill in the application form. Our team will review it and be in touch shortly about our decision. Once you've been accepted, we'll send you a link to get your ticket!

Please note that SVI: Banff understands the importance of diverse voices and experiences. Therefore, we may make application decisions based on ensuring representation and inclusion of all identities, as well as having a balanced mix of smaller and more established organizations, social ventures and enabling organizations, etc.

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